Quartzite material is actually a combination of natural products and engineering. This substance is created when tectonic plates move under the surface of the earth, generating extreme heat and pressure and resulting in natural metamorphic rock. The stone is then mined and fabricated into countertops.

Characteristics of Quartzite:

  • Super Tough - harder than glass
  • Pricey due to extra time to craft hard stone
  • Decorative edges are generally prohibitive
    • Flat polished edge is recommended
  • Unmistakable from granite and has the calmness of marble 
  • Stain Proof with the proper sealer
  • Etch proof 
  • Scratch proof

Benefits of Choosing Quartzite for Your Projects

Adding quartzite countertops to your home can provide numerous benefits:

  • Natural beauty: Quartzite is nearly a dead ringer for marble. This stone has a smooth surface and few flecks.
  • Extreme durability: These counters are a long-lasting investment because they are etch-proof, scratch-proof and very hard. They will resist stains with the right sealer and are tougher than granite or glass. Quartzite is also less porous and denser than granite and many other types of natural stone.
  • Ease of cleaning: Since they are already relatively nonporous, quartzite counters are easy to clean up, especially with a proper seal.

One consideration for quartzite is the importance of buying from a reputable company. Unfortunately, some fabricators and suppliers sell hard marble under the name “quartzite.” This misclassification is problematic since marble is not as durable. If you’re investing in quartzite, work with a trustworthy supplier to make sure you’re getting the real thing.


Quartzite Testing:

Make sure your Quartzite is actually Quartzite - Many importer suppliers and unfortunately some fabricators sell hard marbles as quartzites. Why? We have no idea.  

Quartzite not to be confused with Quartz or Engineered Quartz is an amazing natural stone that performs beautifully in the kitchen and has the calm patterning that resembles marble. The cost will range from $80 to $120 per foot installed.

Etch test to determine if its a Quartzite:

  • Vinegar Test: Take a piece of folded paper towel, soak in vinegar and tape it to a corner of the slab surface for 15 minutes - remove and dry and inspect for etching.  (If it is etched it is a hard marble trying to be passed off as a quartzite)
  • Atlantic crafts traditional marble and hard marbles/aka dolomites - Typically we hone the surface to a matte finish so that any etching that would occur is less noticeable and easily removed with simple comet paste and a non-abrasive pad.

Get Professional Quartzite Countertop Selection Assistance and Installation

Atlantic Custom Granite & Marble makes beautiful quartzite countertops a reality for your home. It all starts with a visit to our showroom and climate-controlled stone gallery, where you can see quartzite and other natural stone in person to get a feel for the slabs that will look best in your home. Our team answers your questions and works with you to help you make the perfect selection.

Atlantic Custom Granite & Marble uses slab imaging, modern measurements and meticulous planning to ensure you get the perfect counter. We create a template using accurate measurements and a countertop plan to ensure your counter's final look and performance meet your exact specifications.

Once you have approved our plan, the Atlantic Custom Granite & Marble team uses CNC stone machinery and the latest equipment to create your custom countertop. On delivery day, our professional team of in-house technicians will arrive to bring your countertops to you. We work efficiently but without rushing, and we always treat your property with respect so you can enjoy your new counters as soon as we're finished.

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