Also known as engineered stone counters, quartz countertops are made from natural materials with some additional elements. Producers combine pulverized stone and similar materials with roughly 7% polymeric or other binders to create a stable, attractive material that looks like natural stone. The result is a beautiful, resilient surface perfectly suited for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

Quartz will tend to run higher in cost than granites and some brands such as Cambria, Caesarstone is the most expensive.  Average costs can run from $50 to $125 per foot installed.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Quartz Counters?

Choosing quartz countertops for a new build or renovation project comes with several valuable advantages:

    • Attractive: Engineered quartz has a beautiful, rich luster like natural stone. Since quartz is man-made, it also comes in a range of colors.
    • Hard and stable: Quartz makes a great work surface and is resistant to scratches and impact. The combination of resin and quartz makes for a durable, lasting surface.
    • Nonporous: The surface of quartz is smooth and resists stains. It’s easy to keep hygienic and offers quick cleanup.
    • Minimal imperfections in engineered varieties: Unlike real stone, engineered quartz has no naturally occurring defects, which can make installation much easier.

Quartz 3


  • Not heat resistant like granite, marble or soapstone due to the resin binder component
  • Tough: Scratch and impact resistant
  • Repairs: Scratches, if they do happen, are permanent and not removable like granite, marble or soapstone
  • Not UV stable - not suitable for outdoor use as the sunlight will fade or discolor white patterns.
  • More Seams: Some brands have considerably smaller slabs than average granite slab.
  • Warranty: Most brands carry a 10 year or lifetime warranty on product integrity.
  • Sealer required for any brand white quartz - Why? Even though it is mostly non-absorbent

One consideration with quartz is that it can fade in UV light, and high heat levels may damage it. While a natural stone counter will let you remove a single damaged area, this is not possible with engineered quartz. If you think these considerations may cause issues based on the location of your countertop installation, speak to the professionals at Atlantic Custom Granite & Marble for more details.

Our Process for Selecting and Installing Quartz Counters

If you want beautiful quartz countertops, start by contacting Atlantic Custom Granite & Marble to arrange an appointment at our showroom and climate-controlled indoor slab gallery to talk to our professionals about your needs. We provide dozens of slab samples for your consideration.

From there, the Atlantic Custom Granite & Marble team takes care of everything. We use the latest technology to measure your space and create a counter plan with templates, ensuring you get the right fit and the perfect look. We keep you in the loop at every step, working with you so you can make any adjustments you desire.

Once you have approved the look of your new quartz countertops, our team takes care of fabrication and production. On installation day, we arrive at your home with everything we need to install your new countertops.

See Stunning Quartz Installations on Our Inspiration Page

If you want to see what a quartz countertop installation looks like, visit our project gallery to view some of our past work. Get inspiration from completed projects and a big-picture view of how quartz counters can fit into a home.


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Nothing compares to looking at specific slabs of quartz and actually feeling the stone. If you’re considering quartz counters or want to explore all your countertop options, schedule an appointment to visit our showroom in York, Pennsylvania. Atlantic Custom Granite & Marble can answer your questions, show you our inventory and help you choose the quartz best suited for your kitchen, bathroom or other countertop renovation.

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