Quality Countertop Selection from Granite, Quartz, Soapstone, and Marble 

Here at Atlantic, we have established processes designed so there are no questions as to how we carry out your project order and we spell out everything so there are no surprises.  Yes, countertops do look darn simple, however proper planning, years of experience, and a dedication to strict processes makes a 100% difference in the outcome.


We Provide the Same Level of Service that We Also Expect 

“What I love and truly respect is when a representative of a product or a service provides a clear picture of what I’m paying for and actually brings my education level way up. Keeping me in the dark and not explaining how the process works spells out incompetence or possibly follow through troubles if a snag occurs.”

Please read on and discover much of the underpinnings that make for quality counters that I personally guarantee will last and you will love.  

Mark Clayborne - Founder & President

Quality Every Step of the Way


1. Stone 101 and Selection

A visit to our showroom is the first step. (Click Here To Schedule Your Appointment) 

Starting with your list of goals, our showroom examples and a little Q & A our customers are well informed walking into our indoor stone gallery of slabs. Maybe marble is for you, maybe it’s quartz or granite. After learning the in’s and out’s of our many stone types choosing with confidence is a snap.

Relax and take all the time you need in our climate controlled indoor slab gallery comprised of over 60 different colors of full slabs of granite, quartz, quartzite, marble and soapstone.

Want advice and guidance on coordinating stone color with your cabinetry, floor and wall coverings?  We’re here to help every step of the way.

Slab Showroom
Installation day

2. Scheduling and Measurement

Now that your stone is selected we get out the calendar and get your project scheduled. You are now on the home stretch and your new kitchen is right around the corner. On template day we’ll do the hard work and you will be provided a simple checklist to prepare.

Our Measurement Process is Exacting

Using the latest measuring technology allows for exacting control. Curves and bends in a wall are scanned so the granite is precision-shaped to follow them for a snug, precision fit. This device is unmatched by traditional measuring methods.  

Traditional stick templating methods can easily open the door for loose-fitting counters and unsightly gaps or even worse a counter that is too big and doesn’t fit causing all kinds of head-aches and compromised quality.

3. Slab Imaging

Once the template is complete we then take your chosen slabs and the favorite portions of those slabs and make a countertop plan for your approval. This technology and service makes for a win-win for both our production process and for our customers.

Slab Imaging Layout Process:

  • Allows you to choose the favorite slab areas to be used in specific counter areas
  • Allows us to communicate the overall look of your counters before the first cut is made. 
  • Makes for nearly invisible seams and beautiful stone patterning that flows and looks like 1 solid counter regardless of length.
Approval of Plan
Seam Glue Quick Shot

4. Production and Fabrication

Atlantic Quality that is Fast, Economical and Consistent 

Once the template and approval process is complete Production and Fabrication begins.

Using the latest technology equipment, your granite slabs are transformed into countertops with perfect curves and straight edges. CNC stone machinery is not cheap but it makes the production process very efficient, saving money we can pass along to our customers. 

Not only do Atlantic Granite counters often cost less but the quality component provided by these machines allows us to supply a countertop that is precision-shaped and polished that traditional methods just can’t accomplish.

Seams that are "A Cut Above"

Many counters are longer than the chosen slab.  Seams are many times inevitable. Seam quality makes or breaks the beauty of countertop installation.  A Quality and lasting seam is the result of proper planning, execution, and knowledge, we excel with our seaming technique and that is what makes them truly "a cut above" just your everyday countertop company.

What’s Goes into Atlantic Seams

  • Slab Layout
  • Triple-milled seams to minimize chipping and make the seam tight and subtle
  • The glue is rock hard, color-matched and keeps counters permanently joined
  • Powerful vacuum system holds seams in place while glue cures.

A countertop investment with beautiful stone or quartz deserves only the best seams. A fabricator's badge of craftsmanship is pretty much summed up by the appearance and durability of a seam.  If we have 1 quirky obsession - Seam appearance and Seam durability is it.

Stain Proof Granite - Atlantic Granite Sealer is lifetime durable -
No Stains - No Worries - Ever!

When you partner with Atlantic - It’s a true partnership.  Every countertop that leaves our shop is crafted, installed and treated to perform indefinitely in all countertop functions and that includes Stain Protection.  

A standard sealer lasts about 12 months and costs pennies and will prevent stains for most spill situations for most granites.  The flip side is not all stones and standard sealers work well together and some spills that are not cleaned up quickly could stain.  

NO STAIN WORRIES:  Each Atlantic granite countertop has life-time durable sealer protection that makes our counters bullet proof against spills even if they are left unattended.. The #2 Bonus is it lasts and lasts so there is no need to re-apply any
sealer annually.

5. INSTALLATION: Today is the Day!!!

Installation is performed by our own in-house employee technicians that go through extensive training, use strict checklists and are always vigilant about protecting your home.  Floor, appliance, and cabinetry protection are strictly executed while also keeping your home dust-free.

Some installations just take 2-3 hours, others may be significantly longer if larger or more complex.  No part of the stone process is ever rushed and the installation is no exception. When technicians are done your counter has our seal of approval and guaranteed to last.


Dear Prospective Customer, 

The aforementioned processes and quality standards are the ones that are easiest to communicate.  Much, much more goes into building quality countertops that we stand behind for life. As founder, partner, and chief designer, I sincerely appreciate and thank you for visiting atlanticcustomgranite.com and look forward to helping you on your next project. 

-Mark Clayborne