Customers that start their selection process before getting all the facts may end up settling for a countertop that really was runner up on their wish list or even worse a countertop that does not perform to expectation. 

A visit to our learning center (Coming-Soon) or to Our Showroom will provide an easy and quick brush up on the starting-out-facts which will provide some of the confidence you will need for choosing that counter that both looks great and performs.  

Additionally when you meet with our showroom manager Nancy and owners Mark and Brian Clayborne you get first-hand answers to any additional questions and concerns on top of seeing showroom examples.

Our Slab Inventory and Selection 

Our Indoor Slab Warehouse & Gallery is open during regular business hours to you.  No appointment necessary.

Atlantic carries over 60 colors of natural stone that we personally hand select for balance, pattern, and color.  Looking for a particular stone that is not in stock - we’ll find the best.

Our inventory is constantly evolving. Stop by or schedule your visit today and find your perfect stone.  (Online Inventory & Slab Viewer Coming Soon)


Stone Descriptions:

Granite: All around tough counter choice, life-time stain-proof by Atlantic (shameless plug and true!), incredible colors and patterns that have clients wondering how nature could ever produce such wonder.  The most popular counter surface we craft and most cost-effective. It could be the last countertop you ever buy! Prices range from $50 to $100 per foot installed.

Marble: Marble is nature’s answer for calm veining and classic white.   Marble is not for everyone as there are cautionary expectations that fussy folks may not come to terms but nonetheless beautiful and enduring.  For 1000’s of years marble has been used - your marble counters will last you a lifetime too.  For all the hype about how terrible marble is for the kitchen, not one of our marble kitchen customers has shared they regret choosing natural marble. We’ll share this in more detail but we highly encourage a honed or matte finish which actually is more beautiful than any polished marble surface. The cost widely ranges but traditional Carrara marbles range from $65 to $85 per foot

Quartz: Quartz is a man-made counter surface comprised of earthen quartz that is crushed into a fine powder and is combined with epoxy glues and colorant dyes. Very durable, available in unique colors and even resembles some marbles and granites. Are you looking for a counter that is solid red, green, even purple - Quartz is likely your only option.  Gone through some marble education and vote NO! - Quartz may give you the look you want. The cost will vary widely from $50 to $150 per foot on average $75.

QuartziteNature continues to astound admirers of quartzite with the calmness of marble with the durability of polished granite. The only caveat is that the cost will run a little more than granites. Typically $90 to $120 per foot.

Soapstone: Soapstone is yet another unique stone surface used for 100’s of years primarily because of its ease of carving. Composed of a large percentage of talc, yes talcum powder talc, soapstone is soft but that is part of its allure. It has a feel, hence the name, that is unmistakable and wears and becomes one with its environment yet durable and maintainable with simple annual applications of stone-wax. Costs vary depending on variety running anywhere from $75 to $100+ per foot.


Granite counters have become the main go-to for hard-wearing, maintenance-free counters that last. In more recent years granite countertops have become more economical with more efficient quarrying and fabrication technology. Cost ranges from $50 to $100 per foot installed.

Why Granite?

Affordability - with our modern measuring and cutting technologies our granite countertops are more affordable than you would think. AND they never need to be replaced, unlike particle board Formica countertops.

Durability- Not only is granite tough and heat resistant, with our experience dating back to 2002, our granite lasts for the life of your home.  We actually guarantee it in writing.

  • Stain-Proof and does not require any required annual sealer maintenance.  How? Atlantic offers a countertop protection sealer that lasts a lifetime.

Design - Beautiful granite countertops made in the heart of York, Pennsylvania start with customer participation.  How? You choose the stone slab and help us make the cut plan so that all the favorite parts are used in the focal points of your kitchen, bath, or bar countertops.

Selection- Indoor stone gallery with over 60 colors gives you a variety of patterns, and colors to create the perfect kitchen countertop.



Additional Pros of Granite:

  • Tough
  • Lasts for life
  • Budget-Friendly 
  • Largest range of patterns of any counter surface
  • Stain-proof with a lifetime sealer. 
  • Maintenance-free: clean up with warm soapy water
  • Investment to enjoy for life of your home.
  • Seams are generally very inconspicuous especially when planned with digital
    slab layout technology.
Kitchen (3)


Benefits of Marble Slab Materials for Your Next Home Renovation: 

  • A beautiful, classic, olde world 
  • Honed finish marble is a show-stopper
  • The cost can range from budget-friendly to pricey based on the variety
  • Generally stain-resistant but should practice quick clean up
  • Will etch with acid foods - honed finish recommended 
  • Will scratch with abuse
  • Develops patina over time
  • The cost will range widely based on variety. Traditional Carrara type white marbles start around $75 per foot installed

Considerations for Marble Over Other Stone Slab Materials: 

Marble has been used for millennia because of its beauty and durability. No other natural stone can provide the bright white and unique veining patterns that marbles can provide. Even engineered quartz in marble patterns cannot replicate the natural character and beauty of marble. 


Why You Should Consider Quartz: 

  • Want the look of marble without the education and considerations marble require? 
  • Want a wild solid color or solid color grey or brown that natural stone just doesn't offer?
Quartz 3

Quartz will tend to run higher in cost than granites and some brands such as Cambria, Caesarstone is the most expensive.  Average costs can run from $50 to $125 per foot installed.



  • Not heat resistant like granite, marble or soapstone due to the resin binder component
  • Tough: Scratch and impact resistant
  • Repairs: Scratches, if they do happen, are permanent and not removable like granite, marble or soapstone
  • Not UV stable - not suitable for outdoor use as the sunlight will fade or discolor white patterns.
  • More Seams: Some brands have considerably smaller slabs than average granite slab.
  • Warranty: Most brands carry a 10 year or lifetime warranty on product integrity.
  • Sealer required for any brand white quartz - Why? Even though it is mostly non-absorbent


Characteristics of Quartzite:

  • Super Tough - harder than glass
  • Pricey due to extra time to craft hard stone
  • Decorative edges are generally prohibitive
    • Flat polished edge is recommended
  • Unmistakable from granite and has the calmness of marble 
  • Stain Proof with the proper sealer
  • Etch proof 
  • Scratch proof

Quartzite Testing:

Make sure your Quartzite is actually Quartzite - Many importer suppliers and unfortunately some fabricators sell hard marbles as quartzites. Why? We have no idea.  

Quartzite not to be confused with Quartz or Engineered Quartz is an amazing natural stone that performs beautifully in the kitchen and has the calm patterning that resembles marble. The cost will range from $80 to $120 per foot installed.

Etch test to determine if its a Quartzite:

  • Vinegar Test: Take a piece of folded paper towel, soak in vinegar and tape it to a corner of the slab surface for 15 minutes - remove and dry and inspect for etching.  (If it is etched it is a hard marble trying to be passed off as a quartzite)
  • Atlantic crafts traditional marble and hard marbles/aka dolomites - Typically we hone the surface to a matte finish so that any etching that would occur is less noticeable and easily removed with simple comet paste and a non-abrasive pad.


Soapstone is a unique stone that, though considered soft, performs well in the kitchen.

It typically ranges from gray to black with and without cream and white veins. Many common Soapstone varieties are light to dark gray before wax-sealed.


Wax/Oil Sealing Application is Recommended: 

Eventually, cooking oils will spot the stone surface turning them nearly black. This is especially important for softer varieties. For this reason, kitchen soapstone counters are recommended to be sealed with a soapstone wax/oil to effectively seal off the surface and keep counters water-tight and food-safe. 

(You will read that soapstone is impenetrable but the very surface is penetrated and hence why oil cannot be 100% removed and invisible like would be the case for a sealed granite or glass surface.)  After Atlantic installs soapstone the wax/oil sealer is applied.

Soapstone Varieties: 

Most varieties of traditional soapstone are generally soft and will scratch. Scratches
are easily rubbed out and made invisible with a little soapstone wax on a paper towel
to moisten the dry scratch. Occasionally, deep scratches can be touched up with fine-grit sandpaper.

**No soapstone countertop acquires wear that makes it look tired or ragged.  Keep the heavy garage tools in the garage and the kitchen gear in the kitchen - you’re good to go! (ranks 2.5 to 5.0 on the Moh’s hardness scale) 


  • A classic look that will never go out of style
  • Heat Resistant
  • Easy to maintain - Soapstone wax application every year or two
  • Satin or leathered finish - soapstone is too soft to have a glossy finish
  • Will Scratch but never an issue for soapstone customers that admire
    the beauty
  • Once a soapstone lover, always a soapstone lover

Crafting Quality and Building Life-Long Customers Since 2002 

We stock Soapstone and have unlimited varieties to choose from at our importing partners. Samples are available and if you decide that soapstone counters are not for you we have granite options that are similar in appearance. Cost ranges from $80 to $100+ depending on the variety.


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