Marble is a metamorphic rock formed from recrystallized calcite, dolomite or other carbonate minerals and known for its luxurious, veined appearance. Since ancient times, marble has been used to create statues, tiles and interiors for royalty and the wealthy. Today, however, modern technology and techniques make it possible for almost any homeowner to enjoy beautiful, luxurious marble countertops.

Benefits of Marble Slab Materials for Your Next Home Renovation: 

  • A beautiful, classic, old world feel
  • Honed finish marble is a show-stopper
  • The cost can range from budget-friendly to pricey based on the variety
  • Generally stain-resistant but should practice quick clean up
  • Will etch with acid foods - honed finish recommended 
  • Will scratch with abuse
  • Develops patina over time
  • The cost will range widely based on variety. Traditional Carrara type white marbles start around $75 per foot installed

Considerations for Marble Over Other Stone Slab Materials: 

Marble has been used for millennia because of its beauty and durability. No other natural stone can provide the bright white and unique veining patterns that marbles can provide. Even engineered quartz in marble patterns cannot replicate the natural character and beauty of marble. 

When you’re choosing marble countertops, there are some considerations. Although marble is a sturdy stone, it is more porous and softer than some other countertop materials. For this reason, you may need to take added precautions against chips, cuts and stains. If you love the look of marble but worry about your kitchen or bathroom counter being damaged, talk to the team at Atlantic Custom Granite & Marble about sealing your surfaces and taking steps to protect your investment.

Additional Benefits

  • Stunning appearance: The veined, smooth look of marble looks elegant and sophisticated. With this material's array of colors, you can customize your counters with pink, white, black, grey, green, yellow or white stone. And since marble is naturally occurring, your countertops will be truly unique in terms of hue and vein pattern.
  • Resistance to heat damage: Marble is highly heat-resistant, meaning it can stand up to hot pans in the kitchen or a curling iron in the bathroom.
  • Long lifespan: With proper care, marble can last for many years and still look incredible.

A Streamlined Selection and Installation Process

Your process with Atlantic Custom Granite & Marble begins with a visit to our showroom. With more than 60 different colors of full slabs of material and a team of experts on hand, we'll work with you to pick the stone suiting your needs, cabinets and style.

Once you have selected your stone, Atlantic Custom Granite & Marble creates a template, measurements and countertop plan to ensure your counter looks and fits exactly as you expect. Once you’ve approved your plan and are fully satisfied with the appearance of your countertop, the Atlantic Custom Granite & Marble team takes care of fabrication and schedules your installation day.

View Our Inspiration Page to See Beautiful Marble Counter Work

Atlantic Custom Granite & Marble is proud to be a leading source for beautiful marble counters near York, Pennsylvania. Take a look at our inspiration page to see some of our past work for satisfied homeowners in your area. You’ll find completed projects and close-ups of marble countertop material so you can decide whether this is the right look for your home.


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