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World-class quality and client education...  Two simple reasons you can be confident in your Custome Stone Countertops by Atlantic Granite.  Our system promotes an enjoyable experience throughout your project.  We pride ourselves on our commitment to you and the goal you have for your project.  With features such as our Life-Time Guarantee, it becomes easy to leave any stress you might be feeling at the door because you know you will be taken care of every step of the way.


Refresh & Renew

We help our customers Refresh a tired room with beautiful new countertops!  We understand that it can sometimes seem like a daunting task, but we really do help our customers finally check off those Ten-Year-Old "honey-do lists"!  No matter if you are new to the world of Custom Quartz & Granite Countertops or if you have partnered with us before, we are always excited to walk alongside throughout your New or Renewed project.

Dedication To Our Craft

We work tirelessly to perfect our technical skill, to ensure you will always receive the very best in craftsmanship and care for your countertop projects.  We are always developing new techniques, working with the latest industry tools, and growing our knowable staff to bring exactly the "look & feel" you are yearning for in a countertop. 

"Serving The Greater York Area Since 2002"

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Contemporary Design & Classic Stone Varieties

Looking for granite or quartz?  Or maybe something different? Natural stones such as marble, soapstone, dolomite marble, and quartzite offer many different colors and patterns that just are not found in engineered quartz and granite.

Atlantic is partnered with a network of stone industry quarriers and importers to bring unique and beautiful granites, marbles, and quartzites from around the world to your home or business.

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Our Inventory Covers All Design Styles:

In the world of granite and quartz countertops, selection is always growing. Every few months ever more interesting colors and patterns of granite and quartz are introduced to the market. This changing environment suits the design needs and preferences of today’s homeowner, whether their tastes are rustic and traditional or classic and contemporary. 


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Customize the Design of Your Countertops

Stone Countertops could be likened to the jewelry of the kitchen.  And with so many options for colors there are some really interesting ways that Atlantic can help make your kitchen remodel a show stopper.  

Just one example is using technology that is really a back-office secret weapon that  Atlantic uses to control exactly how a countertop will look before the first cut is made.  Combine that power and control with a customer's wishes and a beautiful raw slab is transformed into the exact countertop with all the interesting colors and features high-lighted in the desired counter spaces.

Minimized Downtime

Our streamlined process allows for fast turn around, In most cases as little as 6-8 business days from the day of cabinetry measurement.

Looking for Inspiration?

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A Note from the Founder:

Education, Experience & Quality and How We are Different

Atlantic Custom Granite was started in 2002 by Brian & Mark Clayborne after witnessing a serious quality gap in the marketplace. It’s as if the countertop business was the wild west where quality workmanship was hit or miss.

That wild-west environment of unpredictable quality still exists today and many first time buyers find themselves ill-equipped to discern between good and poor craftsmanship. These 2 factors put a lot of pressure on a customer to educate themselves before they buy or financial and personal frustration if the deliverables don’t measure up.

Just some of the processes and things we do everyday that make a difference for our customers

  • Quality standards that are industry leading
  • Intentional educational process that’s simple
  • A buying experience that is easy and convenient 
  • We guarantee excellent pricing

I want every customer to know the ins and outs of the granites, quartz, marble or any stone they are considering so that performance and expectation are on the same page.

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