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The Biggest Question:

Price: What’s it going to cost?
What am I getting for my $ Investment?

Granite Countertops from professionals are typically going to cost just a little more than countertops from outfits that struggle to keep the doors open and rely on low prices to win jobs.

Quality focused Countertop companies don’t employ short-cuts.

How Much Does Quality Granite Countertops Cost?

  • Granite can range from as little as $40/ft to $120/ft installed.  Average is around $55 to $65/ft
  • Quartz will vary based on the material cost that is strictly controlled by the manufacturer and varies widely from brand to brand. (Funny Fact: Did you know there are nearly over 50 brands of quartz sold in the USA)  We purchase and fabricate most any brand however we stock select brands and colors and pass on the savings)
  • Quartzite will range from $85/ft to $150/ft plus:  Quartzites are generally harder than granites making the quarrying and fabricating process slower adding cost.
  • Soapstone cost will vary from $70 to $100/ft based on the variety.

Countertop Checklist:

    • Professionally mounted sink
    • Quality Seams 
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Guaranteed Fit
    • "Slabsmith" Designed Layout 
    • Lifetime Sealer
    • Our Promise

If after you have considered all of the above values that go into Atlantic’s process for crafting and installing your countertop and you do not feel our price is fair, I’d like to hear about it.
Email me at - Thanks!

Mark Clayborne - Founder/President