Outdoor Remodels and Countertops Inspiration

There’s nothing more exciting in homeownership than adding something new to your house or redesigning an existing feature to your liking. When you work with a professional, you can enjoy the chance to achieve your vision and create something you will use every day. If you design an outdoor kitchen, adding natural stone countertops can add sophistication and practicality to your backyard renovations.

Putting a kitchen in your backyard brings new convenience to hosting parties or enjoying time with your family outdoors. Outdoor kitchen countertops must be durable enough to withstand typical use and elements like rain and snow. The best options for these applications showcase strength and sturdiness that you can rely on year after year. You also want the countertops to look nice and improve the appeal of your outdoor bar or kitchen.

Atlantic Custom Granite can help you find the right countertop for your outdoor remodel. We have a range of options, and our natural stone selection includes different colors, patterns and finishes. When you buy from us, you receive high-quality and outstanding craftsmanship, elevating the outcome for your renovation project. See what a difference the right countertop can make in your renovation.

Trendy Outdoor Counter Designs

Some people have a solid concept in mind when they begin their outdoor kitchen renovations, while others want to look at ideas and pull their favorite aspects for their design. Whatever approach you take, you’ll find a style you love. We suggest you draw inspiration from some of today’s most popular outdoor kitchen design features, such as:

  • Farmhouse style: The modern farmhouse style that’s popular for interiors translates well to the outdoors, where you can add repurposed country elements alongside a sleek countertop. Gorgeous soapstone would look perfect with a farmhouse outdoor kitchen.
  • Outdoor bar: Outdoor bars have become one of the most popular aspects of outdoor remodels, offering the chance to show your personality through your choice of materials. A dark countertop or matte finish can set the tone for the outdoor bar and make it stand out from the rest of the kitchen area.
  • Bold bars: A gleaming surface looks clean and inviting, and choosing a single tone for your outdoor space will draw attention to the countertop. You could select a bright color to make the countertop stand out even more, or you could choose multiple solid colors and put them throughout the space to add the contrast many homeowners love.
  • Stone bar and cabinetry: You can make outdoor design elements out of many materials, including stone, which can introduce a rustic or modern flair. A countertop that perfectly complements your decor makes your practical space look appealing, too.
  • Huge countertops: An outdoor island can be the perfect place to catch up with friends over drinks or enjoy a brunch buffet. The bigger the countertop, the more space you have to spread out and entertain your guests.

Our Stone Materials

Determining the concept for your outdoor space can help you narrow down your choice of materials. The natural stone options we carry can work beautifully outside. We hand-select each one, selecting it based on color, pattern and balance. Our inventory constantly changes as we bring in new slabs. Choosing your favorite can be challenging, but gathering outdoor kitchen design inspiration can help you find the best material for your needs. The five main types of stone we carry are:

If you want a style or material that we don’t have in stock, we can help you find the right option.

Our Process

At Atlantic Custom Granite, we base our process on a straightforward concept. Our team provides the same level of service that we expect we hire someone in our own homes. Discussing what to expect can help us address your questions or concerns before we move through the process. While countertops look simple, they have years of planning and experience behind them. Let us walk you through how our team makes sure you get the outdoor kitchen countertop of your dream.

Professional Installation From Start to Finish

We begin by welcoming you to our showroom and informing you about our products. Our facility displays full slabs of every material we carry, and we can offer advice on how to coordinate natural stone with other aspects of your outdoor remodel.

Next, we visit your home to take measurements, using a scan to get everything just right. Our exact process ensures you get a snug fit for the counter, which is especially important outside. Moisture from rain or snow seeping in-between the counter and cabinet or bar can affect the structure.

Our team tackles slab imaging next, keeping your favorite slab area as we create a pattern that flows as though it’s one solid counter. The seams become invisible during the production and fabrication process, which uses CNC machining. We also apply our Atlantic Granite Sealer for lifetime durability.

On installation day, our in-house technicians install your countertops in your outdoor space. Installment time varies from a couple of hours to more than a day, depending on your counter and space’s complexity. We never rush our installation, taking our time and getting everything right for a countertop that lasts.

View Our Stone Inventory and Schedule a Visit!

You can use our Project Imaginizer to view our inventory, then see our natural stone choices in person. We’ll share information about each stone and help you pick the best one for your unique outdoor kitchen. Contact us to schedule an appointment.