Kitchen Remodels and Countertops Inspiration

Remodeling your kitchen or buying a new house offers the opportunity to give the busiest room in your home a fresh look. The kitchen counter serves many purposes. It is decorative, setting the tone for the room’s appearance, but it is also practical. You use your kitchen counters daily for tasks ranging from cooking and packing lunches to storing appliances and holding dirty dishes.

Every home needs kitchen countertops that are equally attractive and functional for your kitchen, whether you build a house or renovate your existing one. Beautiful kitchens depend on the right type of countertops to complement everything else in the room, from the appliances to the floor and cupboards. We can help you find the right fit.

Atlantic Custom Granite has the gorgeous kitchen countertops you desire. Our vast selection includes many materials, each one offering exceptional value. When you redo your kitchen or purchase a new home, you want to feel confident in the products you add. We stand behind the high quality of every piece we sell, and we know you will love the way it looks in your home. You can find the right kitchen countertop when you buy from us.

Some Popular Kitchen Counter Design Trends

What type of kitchen countertop are you looking for? Some people know what they want, such as modern country kitchens or other aesthetics. Others may not know the answer until they see it. Many people draw inspiration from the current trends in kitchen counter design. You can look at these ideas and find something that may work in your kitchen, such as:

  • Quartz: Quartz is a natural rock that comes in many striking finishes. Homeowners like it because it is attractive and offers durability. The nonporous surface requires no resealing and resists stains, giving you a low-maintenance countertop. Matte quartz has become particularly on-trend.
  • Honed: Polished countertops remained popular for a long time, providing the shines-like-new appearance that so many people strive to achieve. Lately, homeowners have drifted toward honed materials, which have no shine and a matte finish. Low sheen complements marble, which covers up scratch marks.
  • Imperfections: For many years, people wanted countertops that looked picture-perfect, but a more natural look has become popular. Veined and more realistic pieces of stone create a kitchen countertop with a natural look you will treasure.
  • Dramatic contrasts: Many homeowners choose bold colors for their cabinets and countertops, offering an opportunity for a more substantial distinction between those focal points and the rest of the kitchen. Such countertops make a statement and add to the room’s sophistication. A black countertop next to white cabinets, for instance, creates an unforgettable combination.
  • Focal point: Your kitchen countertop should be a highlight that draws the eye. Regardless of the material you choose, your countertop should make a statement that reflects the style of the rest of the room.
  • Thick slabs: Picking a countertop that’s thicker than the typical 2 inches makes the material pop and gives your kitchen a more commanding style. This dimension makes a stronger impression if you use the design on just one part of the kitchen, such as the island.

Our Stone Materials

We have an impressive inventory of marble, granite and other countertops to enhance the look of your home. You can choose from a range of colors and materials to find the one that complements your decor. Our selection evolves each day as we get in the latest materials and find exciting choices that can transform your kitchen’s aesthetic. Countertop styles and trends change over time, and we always have the latest looks.

We stock over 60 colors, hand-selecting each one based on the appeal of its pattern and balance. Each material has its unique advantages. Our inventory includes:

Are you interested in a stone we don’t have in stock? We can find it for you. Our team focuses on providing what you want, and we will look for anything that you think would look great in your new kitchen.

Our Process

At Atlantic, we stand by a simple principle. We provide the level of service for you that we would expect from someone working in our own homes. We want you to understand each step of our process.

We begin by showing examples of our high-quality products in the showroom and discussing the materials we have available. Our team can advise you on matching your stone to your cabinetry and flooring in your kitchen and show you each material’s advantages. Once you select your stone, we visit your home. Using the latest measuring technology, we scan every curve in your kitchen so that we can precision-shape our materials for a snug fit.

Next, we perform the slab imaging, letting you pick your favorite slab areas and carefully crafting invisible seams and a stone patterning flow that makes it look like the whole countertop is a solid piece. Our team produces and fabricates the slabs into a new countertop with perfectly formed edges.

Finally, we arrive at installation day, performed by our in-house technicians who prioritize protecting your home. We may need anywhere from two or three hours to a day or more for a complex installation. We never rush, taking our time to deliver the best countertop and get your seal of approval.

View Our Stone Inventory and Schedule a Visit!

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