Bathroom Remodels and Countertops Designs

When you remodel a bathroom or move into a new home, one way to make the space your own is to add a new countertop. Bathroom countertops bring a small space together, coordinating your bathroom design by drawing on elements from the flooring, walls and even the bathtub or shower. The countertop should complement every surface in the room and improve the way the space looks.

You also want a durable countertop that will stand up to everyday use. Bathrooms get frequent and essential traffic. We use them to brush our teeth, wash our hands and even complete daily routines. You need countertops sturdy enough to withstand all the activity.

Atlantic Custom Granite can help you find the right style for your home, whether you renovate, purchase a house, build a new one or sell yours. We have various bathroom countertops that will look fantastic in any home. You can find something you love and feel confident in your new countertop because our experienced technicians will install the countertop professionally, giving your home a fresh look that you enjoy.

Bathroom Remodel Inspiration and Trends

How do you choose the countertop you want in your bathroom? Many people come to us with an idea of what look they want, while others prefer to see examples and let their imaginations do the rest. It helps to know what materials and styles are popular right now, giving you inspiration for your own home. A great example of a bathroom design can help you pinpoint the stone, color and style you want. Consider borrowing bathroom countertop ideas from these trends to inspire your approach:

  • Granite: Granite reflects the modern bathroom design that has become more prevalent over the past 15 years. This material’s durability makes it perfect for the bathroom, where it can weather scratches, stains and heat that erode less sturdy countertops.
  • Quartz: Equally durable as granite but providing the option for solid colors, quartz has become a popular option for many homeowners. The nonporous surface resists mold, making it particularly attractive for this room.
  • Black: If you want to add a bold color to your bathroom, applying it to the countertop can help the room stand out. While grays are traditional choices for bathrooms, we’re seeing more people pick black to bring a striking tone to the small space.
  • Industrial style: As modern-looking accents become more prevalent in bathrooms, many homeowners opt for countertops that complement elements like exposed piping and brick. A solid-color countertop provides the ideal anchor for this industrial design.
  • Floating vanities: For those who favor modern design, floating vanities offer a contemporary option by eliminating the distracting bottom supports and making the vanity look as though it comes straight out from the wall. A coordinated countertop enhances your unique design by adding to the contemporary elements.
  • Neutral colors: As more bathrooms feature pops of color in unexpected places, such as a pastel bathtub or busy wallpaper, countertops become the calming center. Neutral tones and patterns prevent the bathroom from becoming overly stylized.

Our Stone Materials

We carry various materials perfect for bathroom countertops in any style of home. At Atlantic Custom Granite, we source our natural stone from around the world, finding unique combinations to give your redesigned or new bathroom an appeal all its own. Our showroom brings in additional colors and patterns every few months, keeping our selection fresh and exciting. We carry five main types of stone:

Is there another type of stone you would prefer? We can track down those materials as a custom order to ensure you get the countertop of your dreams.

Our Process

We provide high-quality products backed by outstanding service and installation. Our company believes we should treat customers as we would want to be treated ourselves, and part of that is maintaining 100% transparency with our process, so you understand every step as we move forward.

We begin by welcoming you to our showroom, where you can see examples of our stones. We have over 60 colors available and samples of every type of stone we carry. Our team can discuss how to coordinate your stone with your bathroom cabinetry, walls and shower. Once you’ve picked your material, we visit your home to measure the area with the latest measuring technology. Employing scans enables us to get the most exact numbers and even account for small curves and bends.

With this method, we avoid gaps or loose fits when we install the countertop. Next, we begin slab imaging, making sure we include your favorite areas of the slab in your countertop and creating stone patterns that flow with invisible seams.

We create countertops from the slabs using a fabrication process that relies on CNC machining to create precise shapes. Finally, we install the bathroom countertops using our in-house technicians, who have undergone extensive training. It may require two to three hours or more than a day to install your countertops. We take our time to ensure we do everything correctly.

View Our Stone Inventory and Schedule a Visit!

You can see our stone selection in our interactive project visualization tool. This option displays a wide range of types and designs. We also invite you to stop by our showroom and see our selection in person because nothing can compare to viewing and touching the materials. Schedule an appointment by filling out our contact form.